Art - Porto Mannu

Porto Mannu is not only seaside,sun, wellness and health; the whole village from the reception to the swimming pool area, to the brand new Beauty Centre is permeated of the well known Ligurian artist Giampaolo Parini’s work and that of his team.

We invite you to visit, through a short and significant photographic tour, the "Genius Loci" and the works that decorate the new Centre of Thalassotherapy,among which there is the sweet sleeping mermaid at the edge of the thermal swimming pool.

La sirenetta
The sweet sleeping mermaid... twin sister of that at the foot of the famous "Torretta" of Savona.

Genius Loci
Genius Loci... it is an artistical structure made by ten sculptures. They represent winged creatures (Eròti), belonging to the mythological tradition. They come from classical stylistic features reinterpreted in a modern key.

Genius loci

The myrtle and rosemary’s ravishing perfumes, the oleander and the north-west wind that at dawn overcome the saltish air, to daze with emotions in a contemplative journey, mark sunny paths which accompany the slow perception of this magic land.

An ancient and charming land, where the sediments of huge Mediterranean Civilizations emerge tangibile and sudden from horizons of granite and oaks, of mountains and bays of incomparable colour.

"Genius Loci" is a meditation, an answer urged by the strong feelings submerging who participate, conquered by the admiration and by the respect, in this extraordinary landscape and in the people who live in it.

"Genius Loci" is a prayer, a sacral invocation to the spirits of the air and of the earth, who have been living in these places forever.

"Genius Loci", Spirit of the Place.

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