Diving - Porto Mannu

The Residence Hotel Porto Mannu village includes the "Diving Center Atlantis" to provide its clients with great emotions. The diving centre is located close to the beach.

At the Diving Center Atlantis it is possible to attend PADI diving courses of any level, to recharge the oxygen bottles and also to rent diving and snorkeling MARES equipments.

Diving tours take place on a comfortable 7.4 mt BWA Dinghy which can load up to 24 people. The powerful engine in and outboard can easily and quickly reach even the farthest diving spots like the famous Secca delle Cernie close to Lavezzi island.

Diving courses

The certificates issued by the Atlantis Diving Center are internationally recognised due to the PADI recognition.

The range of courses are:

The DISCOVERY SCUBA DIVING, it consists of a short theoretical lesson, training in a swimming pool and the experience of a real sea dive with an instructor. This program takes place during one day only.

The OPEN WATER DIVER, it is a complete course at the end of which the participants receive an International Diver Certificate. It consists of five theoretical lessons, some training in a swimming pool and four sea dives. This program takes place during five days.

The recognised divers can attend advanced courses up to the INSTRUCTOR ASSISTANT level or they can choose among the wide range of Atlantis’ SPECIALISING courses.

The Diving Centre is managed by Beppe ZEMMA, who has got a thirty years experience and a practice of more than 5000 dives, he is also a Master Instructor PADI.

Diving Center Atlantis

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